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auth with external user database

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  • auth with external user database

    hello! im having a problem with network authentication if someone could help me....heres the situation
    1. we have a secure acs server connected to switch 2950 which is working..we are able to authenticate users within the secure acs database.
    2. we have an exchange 2000 server which is working...we can send and receive emails.

    BUT now we want to get user accounts from the external user database..when we try to connect with the accounts from the exchange server we get failed attempt message as "auth type not supported by external DB". what can we do to fix this problem and get our system working?we only configured SMTP and native POP3 connectors on the exchange server...would we need to do any more installations and configurations on this server?

    Thank you!!

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    Re: auth with external user database

    this is very urgent!! if you can please help us with the problem!!!!its still not working!!


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      Re: auth with external user database

      I'm not really sure what your asking.

      Do you want users to be able to connect to the Exchange Server from external sources??

      If so you could use OWA or a VPN that connects direct to your network.


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        Re: auth with external user database

        Thank you for your reply. We are trying to establish authentication for users that are trying to connect to the network. We have a 2950 Cisco switch and a secure ACS server. In the first stage, we created user accounts on the ACS server. the switch and the ACS server are working properly, we can authenticate users. Up to here everything works fine. But we need to create thousands of user accounts therefore we created an exchange mail server with all the user accounts on it. so by using the external user database option of the secure ACS, we tried to connect the secure ACS with the exchange server so that we can use the accounts in the active directory to authenticate users. we did some configuration on secure ACS external user databases (windows database option), and we configured the unknown user policy on secure ACS. but when we try to authenticate by using the active directory user accounts we get an error message "auth type not supported by external DB" do we need to do any configuration on the exchange server or active directory?

        we used the following link to configure the external user database:

        and the following link was used to configure the unknown user policy:

        we are not sure about dialin permission, domain list, ms chap settings and EAP settings. we are trying to make a windows database configuration and are not sure of the selections to be made in the configuration....??
        Thank you