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best practise to manage disabled email accounts?

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  • best practise to manage disabled email accounts?

    Hi All,

    How do you manage your disabled email accounts?

    For me, I did below
    1. created a mailbox store called "disabledstore"
    2. moved disable email accounts to "disabledstore"

    The main reason why I did the above is to ultimately dismount "disabledstore" when it grows, then compress the edm and stm files and finally parked it to my file server to save space on my exchange server.

    But then I started thinking.. what happen if I delete the email account? How do I retrieve the email data after mounting back the "disabledstore"?

    I am considering of exmerging these disabled accounts but there are so many of them. Can exmerge run multiple accounts simultaneously?

    Hence, I would like to hear/ get advise on what will be the best practise to manage disabled email accounts?

    Thank you.


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    Re: best practise to manage disabled email accounts?

    I certainly wouldn't do what you are planning to do with the Exchange database files.

    Do you need to retain these disabled mailboxes?

    The way that I would do this is to move the account to the disabled user store, but leave the account active. Change its password.

    The account has all permissions and group memberships removed (except for Domain Users) and the SMTP address is moved to another account (manager or something like that).

    Then grant permissions to the mailbox to those who need to access the old information. Visit their Outlook installations and add the account to Outlook. Finally hide the mailbox from the address lists.

    Long term, the contents of the mailbox is exmerged out to a PST file and stored on CD. That is only done after six months or so, when there is nothing of immediate value in the mailbox. If someone needs access to the old email, then they can ask for the CD and copy the file off to their local workstation (remember that a PST file cannot be opened from a CD).

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