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Exchange ActiveSync Errors

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  • Exchange ActiveSync Errors

    I just picked up a PPC 6700 and am trying to get it to sync over the air with Exchange 2003 SP2. The Exchange server is sitting on a Windows 2000 advanced server w/SP4. Everything I'm finding says the Win2000 shouldn't be a problem.

    When I try to sync the PPC I get the following error:

    Your account in Microsoft Exchange Server does not have rpermission to
    synchronize with your current settings. Contact your Exchange Server

    Support code: 0x8501006.

    This error occurs both with over the air sync and a wired sync through my PC. I've checked all my security settings and they appear to be correct. I've checked the event logs on the exchange server and nothing shows up.

    I'd appriciate any help you can provide.


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    Re: Exchange ActiveSync Errors

    Had similar problems with my HP, try syncing without https, use http and open up a port on the firewall for port 80 traffic to the exchange server. Try getting the sync working internally using the LAN before attempting syncing through the firewall.

    Let me know what progress you get.




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      Re: Exchange ActiveSync Errors

      Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried all that, no go. The best I can get is to connect to the server, then authenticate. I then get the sync error.