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Public Folders replication problem

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  • Public Folders replication problem

    I added w2k3/e2k3 as a member server to an existant w2k/e2k DC. The problem is I can not replicate Public Folders. The error I get when I try to expand the Folders\Public Folders in ESM is:

    "The Object is no longer available. Press F5 to refresh the display, and then try again.

    ID no: 80040E19
    Exchange System Manager"

    I have 2 IPs on the LAN card of the w2k/e2k DC - and a real one. Microsoft suggest to bind to the first IP in the "Internet Information Manager\Defaul web site", but when I try to do it( it refuses saying:

    "Binding is not unique"

    What's the solution?