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Exchange2003 can not receive mail

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  • Exchange2003 can not receive mail

    Hi all

    I had Windows 2000 domain with Exchange 2000 native mode. I added Windows 2003 as member server with Exchange
    2003 to the same administrative group. Users in ex2003 can not
    receive mail, but can sent mail to internal and external users. All the mail
    sent to users in exchange 2003 is in exchange 2000 queues
    exchange2003. This que is not in ready state, but it is in active

    Thank in advance

    EDIT: Problem solved. It was because of the Smart Host
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    Re: Exchange2003 can not receive mail

    Recreate OAB + Rebuild the RUS database + Review + Move the site master to the Exchange 2003:


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Exchange2003 can not receive mail

      Thaks for the reply. I already solved that problem and edited my first post with the solution.
      Now I have a different problem. That's I can not expand Folders\Public Folders with ESM on the w2k/e2k server. When I try 'connect to' and point to my old server's 'Public folder store' it says system folders are missing. So boxes on the old server can see the Public Folder but boxes on the new can't and the Piblic Folders can't be replicated.
      I need a solution very hard, please!

      I posted that problem in the Public Folder section too.