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Routing connector dropping off one way

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  • Routing connector dropping off one way

    Can someone help with this issue:

    Since some recent change on the exchange routing costs, I have found that
    two of my connectors frequently drop off. Here are my connector costs:
    MC<----->WH cost 20(RGC)
    MC<------->PP cost 20(RGC)
    MC<-------->SmartHost cost 30 (SMTP)
    WH<--------->PP cost 20 (RGC)
    WH<--------->KI cost 10 (RGC)
    WH<---------->MI cost 10 (RGC)
    The two connectors WH ------->PP and WH--------->MC drops of frequently and
    I am getting alerts from the routing status monitor that they have gone
    down. The links is 32KB and 512KB respectively and other servicings working
    well on the link and there are no network issues reported. Also note that
    these are one way drop off, not both ways(ie PP----->WH and MC------->WH are
    not going down).
    I am suspecting it is to do with the cost values I have setup but i have no
    prove and i have not found any similar case on the internet searches I have
    done so far. Can anyone confirm what I suspect is correct and what could be
    wrong or if not what other things could be wrong?
    thanks for your help

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    Re: Routing connector dropping off one way

    Can you add please a visio diagram of the Active Directory sites & Exchange routhing group + Exchange servers location?
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Routing connector dropping off one way

      thank you for your reply. Here is my diagram.
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