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    I had a few question about this product (installation), but decided to ask the basics as I am a novice with this product. I am under the impression that I could load exchange server 03 trial version standard on a windows 2003 server standard for 180 days.

    Within those 180 days (September) I was going to purchase the full version of exchange server 30 standard with the required licenses. The only topic I found via a search was covering 2003 SBS and those that are using exchange on their DC, though I am in a 03 SBS enviroment, I am not using my DC.

    Will I be able to install, configure, upgrade and keep my existing settings/accounts or will I have to start from scratch? Starting from scratch is not a major obstacle since we use an ISP for email and I am learning/practicing on a member server for the real implementation.

    Id like to have some peace of mind knowing that in a few months I will be starting from scratch or practicing a upgrade conversion.

    Thanks for all replies.

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    Re: exchange trial version


    When you purchase the license, all you need to do is reinstall the product. enter the license when requested and all your settings will remain. however please take into account the following

    the trial version is NOT meant to be used in a live environment

    you can install the std product and over install the std or enterprise version but can not go from a enterprise trial to a std fulll version and still retain settings



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      Re: exchange trial version

      Not looking to replace our ISP until we purchase the full version. However, after installing and using an MCSE Guide to Exchange Server 03 book to learn, there is one objective I would like to accomplish with my existing domain.

      Is it possible to have my users save their calendars into the lab xchange server so that all can retrieve? I have tried and so far I can not figure out how to accomplish this as I don't see sharing option in thier Outlook/Calendar window. Also, I do have the option file>folders>copy calendar into public folders that was created in the lab xchange server.

      I have successfully did this with the lab server.