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SSL Certification issue

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  • SSL Certification issue

    I am progressing towards using rpc over https (which i cant get working) so i'm going back to basics. I can access my Exchange server using OWA through SSL and have been for a while, however, everytime i connect i get the security alert box regarding the certificate. I click view cetificate and install it, but every time i go back to the page it comes up again.

    I'm sure i need this working properly before i get any where near any form of success on the rpc/https issue but i cant seem to figure out why i keep getting the pop up.

    I am using a 14 day free trial from verisign for my certificate.

    any ideas anyone.



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    Re: SSL Certification issue

    Purchase a valid certificate for your Exchange server from a comercial CA or install your own CA (stand alone or enterprise) and request a certificate for your server. In this second cause, client computers should trust your CA.
    It is a guide line only, a step by step procedure would take a long time and there are several sites that offer this guide for FREE! One of them is
    Csaba Papp
    MCSA+messaging, MCSE, CCNA
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      Re: SSL Certification issue


      Are you using a single Exchange server or are you using a front-end RPC Proxy and back-end server(s)?


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        Re: SSL Certification issue


        I am using a single server scenario, i am slowly understanding the cert issue, would i be right in understading that if i am only allowing domain authenticated clients to connect, i can issue my own cert from my own ca?



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          Re: SSL Certification issue

          For the cert issue, on OWA I use the certs.
          They are fully trusted in 99% of the browsers and cost about $70/year.

          compared to Verisign, they are a great service.


          And nope I have no affiliation with them. Just like the ease and cost.


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            Re: SSL Certification issue/RPC-HTTPS

            I've sussed the certification issue and realise that the certificate needs to be "issued" to the name that is used in the browser amoung other things. I've therefore managed to get access to the OWA via SSL WITHOUT the pop up box coming up, so i am now working towards getting RPC/https up and running.

            I've configured the server and the client as per the documentation found on this website but can not get it running.

            Is there any way to test INSIDE the lan that proves it is working WITHOUT the tcpip filtering which requires a reboot which i can not do untill the weekend

            any help would be appreciated.