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Problem .edb file on Exchange 2003

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  • Problem .edb file on Exchange 2003

    Recently I have very bad experience on my Win2k3 SBS where the users where been deleted. After deleting users from AD I still have 1.6G priv1.edb file, BUT after creating new users and groups, edb file is still 1.6G but no mailbox. Mailmerge point that I have 17 mailboxes but with no messages.

    Did somebody have any clue how to resolve this problem.

    Milan Jovancic

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    I had a similar problem but with stand-alone Exchange 2003.

    To resolve it I deleted the mailbox using the Exchange System Manager. Once completed the box and corresponding private storage is removed. If you wish to recreate the account do so in the normal fashion.

    I don't know why but when I deleted the account using AD Users/Groups it didn't remove the box. I had to manually remove it.

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      thanks for replay. I don't wont to delete mailboxes, I what again to assign mailbox to new user, but after unsuccessful trying to undelete users form AD I create new users. After creating new users in Exchange I didn't see any mailbox but edb file was also 1.6G. When I mount that store, with MalMerge program I see 17 *empty* mailboxes. Only way to get back e-mails for users is to use (.ost) export tool like ExchangeRecovery from



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        You should able to run "cleanup agent" in ESM. Once it display a red cross. Create a user without mail-enable and then go back to ESM -> Administrative Group -> servername -> first storage group -> mailboxes and then right click and select "reconnect", select the user that you just created and bingo. Mailbox access