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How to move users .ost files via group policy

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  • How to move users .ost files via group policy

    Hello all,

    All my Outlook 2003 users are using .ost files in the default path of their roaming profile directory C:\documents and settings\user_ et etc.

    Each users roaming profile is getting to big and putting a strain on the network each time they login logout due to the Outlook .ost file.

    I need to somehow via the group policy to more the users .ost file to another directory outside the "Documents And Settings" directory. Eg: c:\mail\outlook.ost

    I have downloaded the Office AD templates and tried setting the "Miscellaneous/PST Settings" to point to the new directory that I have created.

    It only seems to work for new users that don't have an outlook profile already created. The problem is I have over 150 users that hace an outlook profile and I need to move the .ost location???

    Anyone done this? Any help most appreciated.