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Real Time Exchange DR

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  • Real Time Exchange DR

    I am looking to create almost a real time exchange fail over.

    Without clustering the exchange is there anyway to deliver mail to one exchange server and then a second serial exchange server. One at office and one at DR location.
    Same Site and Same organization. I was hoping to use the RSG, but in the client would like to test by moving to DR site and having as close to real time Exchange as possible.

    If I use RSG, the docs say it will not be able to send or receive mail just access the stores.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Real Time Exchange DR

    RSG is not used for DR, it's used to restore mailboxes from stores. That's it.

    What you need is to either buy a 3rd party tool such as the one made by XOSOFT.

    Another approach would be to create a store on the second server with the exact name of the store on the first one, then make full online bakups of the first store, and restore them on the second server. Such a setup could give you a recovery server that has the same information as was backed-up on the first server, however, when the first server fails, you will need to reconnect all mailboxes to the new store (you can script this), and worse, you'll need to visit all your Outlook clients and re-home them (this is because the old server is not online to "tell" them that their mailbox has been moved.

    Remember, being "cheap" when dealing with DRP solutions usually means that your solution will not work when it's needed.

    Tell that to your boss.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Real Time Exchange DR

      Thanks, I will continue looking.