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going native mode - any downtime?

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  • going native mode - any downtime?

    Hello People
    apologies if this is a stupid question but I have looked for the answer in vain. I'm all ready to switch exchange (2003) to native mode, but what it will it do? Ask for a reboot? Slow down while it cleans up the system? I don't know whether this is an out of hours job. (and of course being exchange no time is out of hours)

    I know you need to remount the stores to allow it to take advantage of the new features but this need to be immediately.

    I'm just looking for reassurance from someone who's actually done it.

    Harriet Wood

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    Re: going native mode - any downtime?

    Have a read here


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      Re: going native mode - any downtime?

      Done it loads of times.
      Flick switch, go and do something else.
      No downtime, no reboots, nothing. Very uneventful really.

      Remember you can't go back, so make sure that you are sure that you want to do it.

      Simon Butler
      Exchange MVP

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