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Mail delivery.

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  • Mail delivery.


    Am managing an exchange 2000 on windows 2000 server.

    Have got a problem, my messages are delivering many times but this only happens when you send to multiple recipients (a round 100).

    When the system started sending many copies of the same message, i used to find my queues full but this has stopped since;

    I stopped a Site replication service that was running on my server, i do not have a mixed exchange environment.

    This reduced on the number of people who were getting many copies but led to many NDR with 4.7.7 and 5.0.0 errors.

    I did DNS testing using and all seem fine.
    My exchange seem to be well configured and delivery is through a smart host.

    Have called my ISP and they assured me that all is ok at their end.

    Please i need help for this has been going on for around one month. My boss is not happy since mail is sent the clients (am almost loosing ma job).

    All the help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Mail delivery.

    The first thing that you have to establish is where the duplication is taking place. Is it on your Exchange server or outside.
    The message headers of one of the duplicated messages will help.
    You should also enable message tracking to see what that says.

    When messages are sent to this large number of recipients, is it always the same people? Are the addresses in the BCC line?

    There is a known bug with Small Business Server 2003 that can cause email loops to take place. This could be taking place on a server at one of the recipients.

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      Re: Mail delivery.

      Thx Simon.

      Ya ma message tracking is enabled, will check the headers and get back to you.
      Also the recipients are in BCC.