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removing a failed exchange server from exchange organisation

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  • removing a failed exchange server from exchange organisation


    Quick question for 1 of you exchange gurus. we had a server which was on its way out, a 2k box with exchange 2000 on it. During the decomissiong process the server completely died, and there is no backup of the box at all. before the server completely gave up i had re run exchange setup, and tried to remove it. this failed with an error message( dont know what it was as during the next reboot it completely failed) I now still have the server showing in my exhcange organistaion. what i wanted to know is how best to remove that server? Can I just delete it, or should I be running something to clean it up first? I've had a look on google and ms but can only find things to try if the server is still functioning.

    thanks in advance


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    Re: removing a failed exchange server from exchange organisation

    If the box has died, then you can simply right click on it in ESM and choose Remove or Delete. You will get a prompt and then it will be gone. That should remove the entries from the domain for that server.

    You should also ensure that any replicas to that server in public and system folders have been removed.

    This is the article from Microsoft on removing a live server. Go through it and ensure that you have rehomed everything that is listed.

    If you haven't - for example on public and system folders, then simply add your current server to the list of replicas. The replica list should always contain at least one server.

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