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Exchange 2003 won't show 'To' field properly

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  • Exchange 2003 won't show 'To' field properly

    I work for a small company, where we recently updated our exchange server from 2000 to 2003. Since then, the HR department has been complaining because in Outlook they can no longer sort incoming emails by who the email was addressed to.

    We have different addresses for different jobs (applicants for receptionist apply to receptionist at, etc) but they all get dumped in the HR inbox. With 2003, in the 'to' field it says HR for all the emails instead of the actual address to which the email was sent. I don't have much experience with exchange, but I couldn't find a way to switch it back to the old system. Any suggestions? I'll greatly appreciate any help you can give me.

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    Re: Exchange 2003 won't show 'To' field properly

    You did not say whether the outlook client was 2003 or not. regardless you cna create rules based on the email to field and put the emails to specific accounts in its on folder. You also have the ability to have multiple accounts in Outlook so each account could be totally seperate. I never used Exchange 2000, we went form Lotus Notes to Exchange 2003 so I'm not sure what the behavior is you are now missing, but the above should work for your situation. Unless we are talking about public folders and not really email accounts.


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      Re: Exchange 2003 won't show 'To' field properly

      Sorry, I didn't explain this very clearly. We are using Outlook 2003. In the example I used above, we would have an email account called receptionist for the receptionist applicants. All the email sent to this account is dumped in the HR inbox, which several people in HR use to sort through the applicants. When we had exchange 2000, they could click on one of these emails and it would say 'To: receptionist at'. Now when they click on an email it says 'To: HR'.

      Without that info in the To field, they usually have to read the attached resume to see what job the email is for and who needs to look at it. From what you said before, it sounds like the specific problem is that the To field is showing the folder the email goes to instead of the address. Is there a way to make the address show up there?


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        Re: Exchange 2003 won't show 'To' field properly

        Unfortunately what you are seeing is the "by design" behaviour of Exchange. It replaces whatever was in the To: line with the display information that matches the mailbox it was delivered to.

        You can see the original information by looking at the SMTP headers. Right click on the message in Outlook and choose Options. Then you will see the header information.

        Otherwise it is third party tools. The main one I know of is Which Address:

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          Re: Exchange 2003 won't show 'To' field properly

          How bothersome. Thanks for your help, I'll look into using that program.