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RPC Over HTTP min requirements

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  • RPC Over HTTP min requirements


    I want to enable RPC over HTTP feature for few executives and i want to know if i
    its possibel with our current setup.

    we have a single exchange 2003 sp1 with outlook 2003 clients on XP sp1 machines.

    NO DMZ.

    Can someone please confirm its possible to configure the single server as RPC server and what firewall ports do i need opened ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: RPC Over HTTP min requirements

    There are a great group of articles on the main pages of this site on this subject. As I found these looking for a solution to the problem you descibe I can't really help.

    If you read the articles then a lot of stuff get's cleared up.

    I was wondering about the ports. I opened 80 and 443, but my install is still not working from the outside. If I VPN into the network Outlook will connect correctly using the outlook.exe /rpcdiag tool. I ran a netstat -an after the connection and it showed some ports to the Exchange Ip that did not make me feel great that I've got the RPC setup correctly. Mainly it was showing connections to 135. I don't want to open that either.

    The one thing I was not sure about was the section in the articles about setting up RPC communication to the DC's. I was not sure about that and I'm wondering if these need to be outside. If so I will probably kill this idea and not allow RPC. I would be kind of nervous having the DC's outside the firewall. Anyway if any one knows about another prot besides 80 or 443 that needs to be open thne I'm all ears.


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      Re: RPC Over HTTP min requirements

      Daniel has quite a few articles on RPC over HTTP. You didn't mention if Exchange was on the DC or on a Member Server.
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        Re: RPC Over HTTP min requirements

        John Howards blog might help you. There are a lot of videos showing you how to configure it but he uses ISA 2004. Maybe you can adapt it to you set-up:

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          Re: RPC Over HTTP min requirements

          You are still on Windows XP SP1?


          Unless you have a very good reason not to, get upgraded to SP2. On SP1 you need a hot fix for RPC over HTTPS.

          Otherwise the only port that you need open to the internet is 443.
          The rest of it is registry hacks which are all over the internet. I have them on my own web site as well.

          The key points I tell everyone with this feature...

          1. Use a purchased certificate.
          2. Setup your network so that it works inside and outside.
          3. Test it inside before even thinking about going outside your firewall.
          4. Configure Outlook to use HTTPS for both slow and fast connections, as it gets confused really easily.

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