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use ssl with owa and rpc over https

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  • use ssl with owa and rpc over https


    i want to connect from the internet to my organization 2003 exchange server.
    through owa.

    the problem is, i've read most of the articles concerning this issue and got confused from all the information. what i want to do is very simple.
    i've read the last post "free certificate" and decided to use 3rd party CA
    thats because i don't want to deploy my clients my domain certificate.
    the fishing part i don't really understand. and i want them to use free ca cert.

    the big question

    which configuration do i have to do on the exchange server?

    what i already did is:
    install ca services
    i've configured a ca certificate on the iis(but this part seems unnecessery if i use 3rd party ca)
    there is also the name part in the certification configuration
    the fqdn name is (, right?
    how do i obtain the certification?
    does my server has to take the authority part if i use 3rd party ca.
    again i don't want to be single domain ca or enterprise
    i just want it to work.

    which configuration i have to do on the client side?(i think i don't have if i use 3rd ca)

    the rpc over http part i didnt start to do but maybe you can point me to an article which dealing from the point of view such as my domain configuration


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    Re: use ssl with owa and rpc over https

    RPC over HTTP

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      Re: use ssl with owa and rpc over https

      I've read those articles before.

      just tell me the steps i have to do

      I don't understand the part which i apply to 3rd party
      I don't know if i have to just go to the their site and ask a certificate for the server
      or i have to insall ca on the server?