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working with dual mailboxes

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  • working with dual mailboxes


    If i'm using pop3 and exchange on the same profile
    I understand pop3 is for pulling mail lets say from your mailbox on the isp server.
    and the exchange is for synchronizing and have a copy on the company server.
    but if i send mail from which address i do that. Is it according to the address priority. and if i 'm sending mail in the inter-site does it leave the company to the net and back?


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    Re: working with dual mailboxes

    In most cases, once you introduce Exchange in to an Outlook profile, email will go through Exchange.
    If you send email to an address that Exchange recognises, it will go through Exchange - even if you enter the full SMTP address.
    If you mix addresses, so the To: line contains some internal users and some external users, then the entire message to all recipients will go through Exchange.

    I tend to recommend against mixing types when connected to Exchange, so that there is a clear cut path for the email.

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      Re: working with dual mailboxes

      thanks man