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Help me to rebuilt the exchange 2k3

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  • Help me to rebuilt the exchange 2k3

    I have one windows 2003 DC with exchange 2003, Everything was fine till thrusday morning but now my system crash (hard disk fail)

    i have AD backup (System state data)
    Exchange database backup (store)

    please help me to restore this what will be the prosedure to restore

    i took help from microsoft site is this the way

    install windows 2003 with a new name
    install iis and required components

    restore AD
    run exchange setup using diseasterrecovery switch
    restore the database

    after this will i get my server back to that stage or i need to do some thing else

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    Re: Help me to rebuilt the exchange 2k3

    1 hard drive
    1 DC + Exchange server

    Please tell me this is your lab environment.

    Your first step is to rebuild your DC and perform a PRIMARY restore of Active Directory. A Primary restore is a special Active Directory restore mode (even more special than an authoritative restore) that is designed particularly for your situation - where the only DC in the domain has crashed. When all is lost. And you have indeed lost it all.

    After you have restored your DC, you can follow Exchange restore procedures.

    After all is complete, whether or not you have recovered successfully, consider implementing redundancy into your environment:
    =RAID1 or better volumes
    =2 more more domain controllers
    =A 2nd Exchange server might not be a bad idea
    =Don't install Exchange server on domain controllers
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      Re: Help me to rebuilt the exchange 2k3

      Thanks for the reply
      yes this is a very small lab having 125 mail box only

      i attached new drive and reinstall the os
      restore the AD backup

      (Here i am facing a problem is few snap ins are not showing in administrative tools)

      am i doing something wrong please help me

      is it possible to install exchange server on a different PC with my priveous configuration