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Exchange installation problems(System requirements?)

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  • Exchange installation problems(System requirements?)

    It's the second time i do a fresh install of exch 2003 on the following server
    and when i'm doing restart after the installation
    it takes hours to logon
    The dns, dhcp, ad, net connections, and others don't work properly
    The dns as a bix red x on it
    and the ad doesn't work

    I get error 1054 userenv about finding the domain , the dc, netbt errors,
    ntmds kcc, dcom and dhcp errors

    current hardware:

    2003 server + sp1

    pentium 3
    728 mhz
    512 ram

    no disk space problems
    i'm not so sure how good the nic i have


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    Re: Exchange installation problems(System requirements?)

    Is this server also acting as the domain controller? Also you should be sure you are passing all the pre-tests before installing Exchange.

    Here are the two KB articles that helped me get the dns server setup in preperation for the ad and Exchange
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      Re: Exchange installation problems(System requirements?)

      Long logins is usually an indication of the DNS being incorrectly configured.
      If the server cannot find the domain then you will have problems with the Exchange services starting.

      The specification is fine. I am running Exchange 2007 on less at the moment.

      As already asked - is this machine a domain controller?
      If so, then you need to look at why the domain functionality isn't working.

      I would actually be tempted to remove Exchange from the machine until the core Windows is working correctly and not giving errors.

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        Re: Exchange installation problems(System requirements?)

        Thanks guys,

        I've started from the begining , now its working i think that it has to do with the dns, and furthermore i think that running forest prep and then removing the exch manually caused schema problems. i reinstall the dc + exch' and now its working fine. the hardware as it is, according to the hcl is good enough.