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Problematic Domains - SMTPDIAG 10054 error

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  • Problematic Domains - SMTPDIAG 10054 error

    I've been running Exchange 2003 for about 1 1/2 years along with GFI Mail Essentials for spam protection. I have a relay server running the GFI product and on occasion I will have problems sending to certain domains. I've read a lot of posts and have not found the solution for what I'm looking for. Lot of posts circle around DNS problems... DNS always resolves properly to the correct MX domain. What appears to happen is when I first try and telnet to that domain the cursor sits there and flashes no responses are returned. If I try right it again right away the smtp banner from the problematic domain is returned. This also happens on SMTP DIAG. First time I receive a 10054 error second time it goes through right away. It appears to establish the connection in the backgroud and keeps things open for awhile. Likewise if I try and send email to that domain at that time it appears to go through. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Problematic Domains - SMTPDIAG 10054 error

    If it is just one domain or a small number then it is either dodgy DNS entries for the MX servers or an attempt at grey-listing.
    Grey-listing is where the server refuses the initial connection, then accepts the next connection. The idea being that spammers will only try once before moving on.

    The other major issue with DNS is making sure that you have all the components setup correctly...

    - forward DNS resolves to the server
    - reverse DNS is present
    - the server is announcing itself correctly. That means the banner on the sending server - unless you relay outbound email through the GFI application as well.

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      Re: Problematic Domains - SMTPDIAG 10054 error

      Yes it is only a few domains that I seem to have problems with. I have about 700+ email users and receive very few complaints about delayed delivery notifications. You make a comment about greylisting which is interesting and I will look into this further.

      You do make mention about ensuring the server is "announcing itself correctly". From my diagnosis this appears to be what I feel is the problem. I did end up setting up a secondary SMTP connector on the Exchange 2003 server and I pointed SMTP mail for these domains only, through a secondary SMTP relay server. This seemed to correct the problem thus far. I thought that both SMTP relay servers were identical (ie. both running W2K SERVER and IIS 5). I have yet to stumble across the differences with the two servers. This does provide some evidence that my DNS must be setup and functioning correctly as the two servers are setup the same way.

      Thanks for your time and ideas. They are much appreciated.