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can't sync mobile with exchange

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  • can't sync mobile with exchange

    hello All,

    i have a strange problem of syncing my mobile (I-mate) with the exchange server 2003. when i try to sync using active sync over a GPRS network, if i only have the contacts selected on the mobile as the only item i want to sync, it works but when i select the rest (tasks, e-mail and calender), i get a message saying "your account in microsoft exchange server does not have permission to synchronize with your current settings. contact your exchange server administrator"

    i have windows 2003 installed and i have done a windows update. then i also have exchange 2003 with SP2.

    i spoke to a friend and he says that there are some issues with the SP2 update and windows update that makes exchange syncing with mobiles to behave strange and he adviced that i roll back the sp2 installation and the windows update.

    is this right and has anyone seen this before and does anyone have pointers to what i can do?

    pls help



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    Re: can't sync mobile with exchange

    Did you review the settings that require for sync in
    Did you tried to use PDC emulator to test the account (Post in
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      Re: can't sync mobile with exchange

      You can't roll back Exchange 2003 SP2 - so unless you want to uninstall Exchange and reinstall it, you are stuck with it.

      Does the device sync to Exchange through ActiveSync correctly?
      Does OMA work?

      The emulator is a good idea - I usually suggest that as well. It lets you try lots of different things and reset at a whim, plus it is on the LAN so you are avoiding data charges on the phone contract and the issues around the mobile phone network. Prove it works with the emulator and then you are good to go.


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        Re: can't sync mobile with exchange

        ,,,highly reccomend:


        ---- I would not have gotten all the pieces working without it

        --- also look closely at any Firewalls that may be in place: Trend Micro has a known issue that I had to get all the way to Senior Tech level to identify -- once I turned off all their services I finally was able to synch over GPRS -- (am still having issues as detailed in my original post)