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a serious problrem after installing sp1

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  • a serious problrem after installing sp1

    I have installed sp1 for exchange 2003 on 2003 srv sp 1 and after reboot the server seems to have a problem to restart (it took an hour) and after login with administrator still the login takes forever (still waiting) . It is a fresh install of exchange so i 'm not losing any data but still before i reinstall, i would like to know if there are other choices.

    i didn't backup the system.

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    Re: a serious problem after installing sp1

    Any reason you didn't go straight to Exchange 2003 SP2?

    I would be surprised if this was a problem with Exchange. The most common reason for servers taking ages is DNS configuration is wrong - usually the use of external DNS servers instead of internal ONLY.

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      Re: a serious problrem after installing sp1

      Because daniel told me to install sp1 first

      now i cant even uninstall.

      and i have to do it manually
      without leaving any trace to it in the ad

      any suggestions?


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        Re: a serious problrem after installing sp1

        I wonder if the Administrator profile is corrupt? Also, did you leave Exchange install paths in their default location or did you customise them and install Exchange in a different folder?
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          Re: a serious problrem after installing sp1

          In fact i did customize the system path

          but because i wanted to relocate the logs and the db in a different disk/
          i've asked in the forum if i have to change the system path also
          because i figured that if i'm moving db + logs the point of the system path will be useless so i moved it all to lets say e:\exchsvr\mdbdata\
          you know, is it wrong?

          I reinstall it but now i would like to know
          if i used the "removeorg" switch and uninstall it manually
          do i have to do the domain prep and forest prep again,
          i don't want to harm my schema.
          furthermore, do i have to use the adsiedit.msc also on the dc?

          and don't want any remains to the f****** mail server