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exchange 2000 and windows 2003

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  • exchange 2000 and windows 2003

    Please help

    I am trying to install Exchange 2K Enterprise on a windows 2000 box in a windows 2003 domain.
    I have read that it's possible but trying to locate that kind of information is proving difficult.

    Can you advise me of how to do this or point in the right direction of the revelant information please.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    I'm not even remotely an expert, but a few things you need to look for first might help. Check to make sure that the 2K3 Server is NOT in Native mode. I have several 2K boxes in my 2K3 domain, and I've had to leave the domain in 2K mode so that they will all play nicely together. Next, run /domainprep and /forestprep on your 2K3 Server. You'll find out instantly if everything will talk correctly by checking the install logs after you run both. Search for instructions on running both of those setup programs, but the basic idea is to drop the CD in and in the "Run" box type d:\setup.exe /domainprep - same for /forestprep. Hope this helps a bit.


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      thanks for that, much appreciated