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MS Active Sync on SmartPhone using SSL

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  • MS Active Sync on SmartPhone using SSL

    I was reading your article about MS ActiveSync and we are trying to do the same thing with a Nextel i930 SmartPhone. We cannot however even get our firewall on our server to pick up a signal from the phone when we use SSL. Doing more research I cannot seem to find any confirmed cases of people being able to get MS Exchange, SSL and ActiveSync to work together. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: MS Active Sync on SmartPhone using SSL

    Is this the article you mean?

    How can I Synchronize a Pocket PC with Exchange Server 2003?
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      Re: MS Active Sync on SmartPhone using SSL

      Exchange 2003, SSL, Exchange Active Sync, Forms Based authentication, all on the same server?

      Yep - do it three or four times a week.

      It would be nice if Microsoft made it a little easier.

      The most common problems are down to the authentication settings and the certificates.

      First - check whether OMA works on your main desktop.
      If it doesn't work, try again, this time ensure that friendly http error messages is turned off, so that you can see the real error.

      Second - SSL certificate.
      Is the certificate purchased or home grown? If it is home grown then you will have to import the certificate to the device.
      If it is purchased, then you may still have an issue with the certificate.

      Third - getting all of the options to work on the same server.
      Two ways:
      Or MS:

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        Re: MS Active Sync on SmartPhone using SSL

        ,,,highly reccomend:

        --- without it wouldn't have gotten all the pieces working at the same time