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owa 2003 how to add photo signature??

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  • owa 2003 how to add photo signature??

    im trying to add a logo to my signature in owa 2003
    without any success
    anyone know how to do it????

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    Re: owa 2003 how to add photo signature??

    This has been discussed here and on before and the conclusion was that there's a way to do it but it's a hack. Primarily, because of the way OWA stores signatures. Unlike Outlook, OWA stores the signature in the Exchange data store - perhaps Exchange 12 will allow for a unified signature.

    Basically this is NOT recommended because there is a very real possibility that you will corrupt the data store and any update or hotfixes for Exchange will likely undo your handy work.

    If you choose to attempt this, first BACKUP the data store!

    You'll need a program called mfcmapi, run it from the Exchange server and open the store. From there you can edit the signature and add the img tag.

    Download it here...

    Here's a few messages on the matter for reference:
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