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Weird problem.

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  • Weird problem.

    Org structure:
    Single site with 2003 domain - 3 DC's
    1 exchange 2003 server box running exch SP 2
    1 email filter server running mail marshall.

    I have to move exchange to the new server hardware. Installed exchange 2003 with sp2 in the same site as the original one. Configured smtp connector to use email filter server for internet comunication.

    Once user's mailbox is moved from old exchange 2k3 to the new one, that user is only able to send email to the mailboxes stored on that server, but not the old one. Same goes for the user that have mailboxes on the old server - they are unable to send email to the users that have mailbox on the new server but local users are ok.

    Users from each exchange server are able to see everyone in the global list, from outlook.
    Users from each exchange server are able to send email to the internet.
    All 3 server, two exchange & single email filter server are on the same subnet.

    Thank you for any advise you may have.


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    Re: Weird problem.

    Did you tried to rebuild addres book and RUS database? Did you change the site master and RUS service manager to the new server?
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Weird problem.

      i will add to yuval

      i didnt understand if you finsh to move all mail box ?
      if you did try to reconfig the mail marshal or deactivite it for some time
      Noam Greenberg
      If you want yo can conntact me at


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        Re: Weird problem.

        I've fixed it. Sorry for not getting back to you guys. Just in case somebody else gets stuck with the same problem.

        Issue was with the rules in the Mail Marshall (Good software but for small organisations only, as it seems to be a bit overcomplicated) and some changes were needed in the exchange as well.

        server/protocols/smtp/advanced delivery removed smart host entry. It was pointing to the mail filter Instead created local site smtp connector and pointed it to the mail filter. That had to be done on both exchange servers.
        Old server was set as a bridgehead.

        Mailmarshall (email filter)
        as the smtp trafic was stopped by spoofing rule I had to create rule that would detect email sent from internal servers. once detected emails sent from internal servers next rule has to be skipped. In order to do that the new rule had to be before the spoofing one. Building the rule was the major pain, but i got it running. Now I just have to ask for pay raise