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Is my backup working?

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  • Is my backup working?

    Hello, I do an online full backup of my information store every night. There are never any errors in the backup log, but I noticed on this site that I should be able to verify on the exchange server the last time it was backed up.

    To verify that Exchange recognizes that an online backup was performed follow these steps:

    In Exchange System Manager, browse to Administrative Groups\First Administrative Group\Servers\servername\First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (servername) (as always, use your own path...)
    In the console tree, right-click either the Mailbox Store or the Public Store, and then click Properties.
    In the store properties dialog box, click the Database tab.
    On the Database tab, in the Time of last full backup box, verify that the time of the backup you just performed is recorded, and then click OK.

    (this is from this site in the tips or how to section)
    Why isn't this showing up?

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    Re: Is my backup working?

    What about event logs, do they say that the backup was successfull?
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      Re: Is my backup working?

      Yes, the backup log says successful. I am sorry, I forgot to note that I am doing a remote backup of exchange from a non-exchange server. I followed the instruction on this site also for that procedure. I am not sure if that has something to do with it. I think that I am running into other problems because of this, it seems that if there are messages that are deleted; they are not removed until Exchange recognizes that a full backup has been done? We have an account that I tested this on, there were a ton of emails in this inbox, I went in a deleted them all, and then watched to see when the mailbox size went down. Exchange is set to keep deleted items for 14 days. Yet, after 14 days I noticed the size is still the same, could this be the case?


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        Re: Is my backup working?

        i didnt understand how you work but i will tell you what is the best way that i think

        if you backup REMOTLY install the ESM util so you can see Exchange option in ntbackup

        if you can DO NOT USE IT buy backup exec 10d this is the best

        dont think that the log is a OK restore mailbox and SEE that you have data
        i see alot fo cases that " yes i backup the data " but in the end it isnt

        so chack it is for you


        if you doing full Backup you can see in the ESM unders your store Click image for larger version

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          Re: Is my backup working?

          Sorry, I have a difficult time understanding what you are saying but thanks for trying to help me. I followed these steps exactly....

          everything seems to be working, but I cannot verify the backup ON the Exchange server. I want to make sure that this is working as said in the article. I don't understand why I can't see what is described in the post above?
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