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  • Exchange Logs Question

    Our client has a server they already purchased for exchange . RAID5 with
    69.5GB available to partition. We were going to put the 2003 OS on a 10gb partition.

    They have @35 users and currently the total amount of data is @2gb that will
    be imported to exchange. Is it recommended to put the logs on a seperate partition even if it is not a seperate physical disk OR could the logs and exchange be on one larger partition @ 60gb?

    I know that for better performance you should use a seperate disk, but that's not possible. So, it was my understanding that even if the logs aren't on a seperate disk, they should at least be on a seperate partition.

    Is this correct? Does it matter?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Exchange Logs Question

    This is the third thread concerning your 69.5GB HDD and Exchange question. Could you please keep them all together in ONE thread so as to make giving you answers an easy task.

    I believe your question(s) are best answered by this post.
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