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Very Strange Exchange Issue with Information Store

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  • Very Strange Exchange Issue with Information Store

    Hi All,

    We have a client running Exchange Server 2000 Standard version, we encountered an issue with the Information Store getting above the 16GB limit and causing issues with the database dropping offline. Normally one would see either the eventID 445 ro 1112 within the Application event log stating the Information Store has reached max allowable size and recommend an offlne defrag with the ESEUTIL, but we saw no event logging with these eventID's that would lead us to this conclusion, we viewed the .EDB database file and added the total size of all database files including the .STM and EDB files for the public store totaling around 16.3GB. My question is why didn't the event viewer log these events? or, did we have an onsite person delete the events to avoid an irrate CEO, CIO. has anyone had this expereince with this version of Exchange Server not logging the events?



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    Re: Very Strange Exchange Issue with Information Store

    Due the fact that another person have full control on the device anything can occur - disable error message, delete it etc. This is like the question of what was first: The chickem or the egg...


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    Yuval Sinay

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