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Partition Question

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  • Partition Question

    For a server with 69.5gb available partitioning space what would be the recommended partitioning for @ 35 mailboxes?

    I was thinking:

    10 gb - Windows
    55 gb - Exchange
    4.5 gb - Exchange Log Files

    Will that work?
    Also, how do you set the exchange log files path to a specific location?

    Any recommendations would also be appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Re: Partition Question

    Check this article


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      Re: Partition Question

      THanks for the link, it is very interesting. However, I just want to get some opinions on the partition sizes. ie. Is 10gb too big / small for the OS. Is 55gb too big / small for exchange ect.

      Thanks again


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        Re: Partition Question

        Considering Exchange now has a 75GB Private Store (plus another 75GB for Public Folders), for me, I would think 55GB is just a little inhibiting for future expansion. How much RAM do you have on the system or would you move the Pagefile onto a different partition?

        I assume from your post that you already have this server so are you really tied into those specs you have provided? Anything I purchase now is (hopefully) able to run Vista and Longhorn (Vista) Server.
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          Re: Partition Question

          The recommended storage configuration for Exchange is based on hardware RAID.
          One of the possible solutions is:
          Windows system -RAID1
          Transactional logs-RAID1 or RAID10
          Database: RAID5

          Regarding to available space:
          10GB system partition is enough;
          55 GB database is OK, depend on you mail traffic and mailbox store limit;
          4.5GB transaction log partition in my opinion is not enough; I would choose some thing around 8-10 GB.
          You also should implement backup strategy. Only Full backup and Incremental backup clean the transaction logs. If such backups is not performed on a regular basis, log files will quickly fill up there partition.
          Regarding to how to move log files see the following article:

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            Re: Partition Question

            Thanks for the input. The client is currently using PSTs with an average size of 20-40mb with a total of 2gb total on all PSTs. Will the exchange size for each user increase or decrease after the import?

            Considering that the total current size is @2GB should the partition be adjusted to allow more transaction log space?

            Also when you say full and incremental backups clear the transaction logs is done with the backup software used ie. BackupExec or is this a setting within exchange?

            Many thanks again for any input.