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  • Send as is not workin


    I have a user that use outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003 as her normal mailbox. She or couple of person will use mailbox like [email protected] using imap in outlook and the account is in the same domain as the user account.

    They can read incoming mails but when they or one of then try to reply Exchange can't do it. When we check mailgateways logs and sniff trafic using ehtereal, it shows that exchange doesnt send anything, why.

    This works find to friday 4.5.2006 but after that prolems start.

    i made group where i put all those user accounts that have to use that [email protected] mailbox and give send as permissions and have try also full control but no help.

    is there some fix that works lik this

    Waiting for help
    Petri Aalto

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    Re: Send as is not workin

    Have you set the Send on Behalf permission for the user in ADUC???
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