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forms-based authentication setup

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  • forms-based authentication setup

    I'm trying to enable forms-based auth for my owa users, in my brand new exchange 2003. It's not in production stage yet.
    It's my first install so I apologize in advance if this is a beginner question.

    The server is running w2003 sp1, member server in AD, CA installed.

    I've followed all the instructions in KB830827. I've used self issued certificates to enable SSL, I hope there is no problem with that. The certificate is succesfully assigned to the default web site.

    Both "Enable Forms Based Auth" in system manager and all SSL settings in IIS seem to be OK. I've set the registry values for cookies time-out, and restarted the machine.

    I'm still not getting the form logon page but the usual user/passw window, when pointing to http://my-server/exchange.

    What am I missing?


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    Re: forms-based authentication setup

    Have you had a read of Daniel's excellent article on FBA.

    Note that there are many related links at the bottom of the page at the above link.
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      an excellent article , indeed .

      I was a click away from the solution.

      thanks you and daniel.