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Users can't retrieve using POP3 from my server

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  • Users can't retrieve using POP3 from my server

    Hi All,

    I have SBS 2003 (incl. Exch 2003 SP2).

    I'm trying to get POP3 set up so some of our off-premesis users can retrieve their e-mails. I believe the POP3 server is working properly, as I am able to use a laptop (connected outside my network) with Outlook 2003 to retrieve mail using the "administrator" account on my POP3 server.

    HOWEVER: whenever a "normal user" tries to log in, they get a username/password denial. I have triple-checked the username/passwords and I'm using the correct ones. A telnet session to port 110 shows the error is "-ERR: Login failure: unknown user name or bad password". When using the administrator user, I get "+OK User successfully logged on".

    Anywhere I should look to verify some settings? As far as I can tell, POP3 is running fine, and the two users I'm trying to work with both have "POP" enabled when looking at their user records on the server (User Properties, Exchange Features tab).

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Users can't retrieve using POP3 from my server

    Did you use SBS 2003 Server Managment to setup POP3 etc.?

    Also, please update the server to the latest hotfix/service pack & consider to use RPC over HTTP/VPN/OWA intead of POP3 thats consider unsecure protocol.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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