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event id:1023 POP3SVC

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  • event id:1023 POP3SVC


    I have Exchange 2000 enterprise edition, all patches and sps installed.

    I 've got the following error on the app log on the exchange server:

    Event ID: 1023
    Event Source: POP3SVC
    Event Type: Error
    Event Category: Content Engine
    Error 0x7d6 occurred while rendering message 0001-00000007271e for download for user <[email protected]>

    actually it's my user account who is causing this problem , what i remeber that there were an employee facing problem on downloading messeges to his local machine, I set up the account of that employee on my xp machine and try it.
    I used to use outlook express , for that account I set it up using ms outlook .
    after testing I removed the account from Mail acoounts and only keep my acoount.

    now, once I start outlook express and refresh it, the error mentioned before fload the application log on the exchange server, if I exit outlook express , the error stop.

    I found the following MS article :;en-us;284271

    but it didnt fix the problem.

    any suggestion

    Best Regards

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    Re: event id:1023 POP3SVC

    1. Please disable the POP3 service and check if the problem occur after restart
    to the server.

    2. Check that the mailbox doesnt setup to download emails to PST file instead
    to the inbox.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

    LinkedIn:, Blog:


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      Re: event id:1023 POP3SVC

      Hi Yuval,

      actully , I cant disable the pop3 service since there is alot of users connecting to the server .

      about the mailbox, it is setup to leave a copy on the server.

      any openion




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        Re: event id:1023 POP3SVC

        Hi again

        I solve the problem by downloading all the messeges to my xp machine, I mean by removing the option: leave a copy on the server.

        after the download process finished, the error stoped in the application log.

        Many thanx to Yuval