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permissions for running forestprep

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  • permissions for running forestprep

    i recently uninstalled my exchange org from the domain.

    everything was fine with the uninstall...i followed 833396 exactly, and it was uninstalled without errors.

    i manually removed any existing entries from the reg, rebooted, renamed, and logged on... (thats the reason for the uninstall, new network and old name wasnt netBIOS complient)

    so now when i run /forestprep, i get the error saying that i dont have the permissions to run /forestprep.

    in my AD account i am still schema, enterprise, and domain admins.

    any ideas?

    thanks for your replies!
    its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
    Give karma where karma is due...

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    Re: permissions for running forestprep

    Whats the exact error you get when running /forestprep??

    Are you sure you are logged in as the schema/enterprise admin??


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      Re: permissions for running forestprep

      this is the exact error im getting...

      i have even tried to create a new user, add them to the entrprise and schema groups, running forestprep from the DC, and still it does the same...

      (it says you need to be an exchange administrator at the organizational level

      my next thought was to install the ESM and take a look and see who had the rights, but i couldnt install it either... so now im at a stop.

      thanks for the reply...


      this is the results of an orgprepcheck i ran... not good.

      C:\Documents and Settings\haynesjc1\My Documents\EX\SUPPORT\EXDEPLOY>EXDEPLOY.EX
      E /gc:alpha /trgprepcheck

      Results of these tools will be logged to 'exdeploy.log'. Exchange Deployment Tools
      documentation provides information on how to solve encountered issues.

      Calling OrgCheck...
      OrgCheck completed successfully.
      Calling PolCheck...
      Error: PolCheck found a problem with permissions given to Exchange Server
      2003 computers in your Active Directory.
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      its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
      Give karma where karma is due...