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ISA Server, Exchange, OMA and Activesync

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  • ISA Server, Exchange, OMA and Activesync


    I am trying to solve a quite unusual problem and cannot find help, maybe here I will find what I need.

    The problem regards Synchronization of a PocketPC device with an Exchange 2003 SP2 server which is after an ISA server.

    Here is the data I have gathered meanwhile:

    1. All SSL is disabled in the Exchange Server since it is enabled at the ISA Server.
    2. Users are able to use OWA.
    3. After doing some settings and copying the Root certificate to the PocketPC I am able to use OMA in the PocketPC.
    4. However, ActiveSync still gives me error code HTTP_500.

    I have checked for the Error HTTP_500 in the internet, and the only relevant material I can find regards KB 817379, but this is not relevant when there is an ISA server and SSL is not being used at the exchange server itself.

    Any ideas?