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Why Can't I See My Website

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  • Why Can't I See My Website

    Hi Guys

    I'm very, very, very new to Windows 2003 Web Server, in fact new to web servers totally.

    My question is, why can't I see my web site???

    I have a website that is hosted on a server, I'll call it serverA, and have changed the "A" record to point to the same website now hosted on serverB

    This has worked, when I type in the domain name into my browser it goes to the new server. The trouble is I have set this website up on my new server and can only be viewed by using the domain name and port number.

    For instance:
    The webserver is, the domain name goes to, but the website is only viewable at

    How do I make my site viewable.

    I hope you can help.

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    Re: Why Can't I See My Website

    It seems that your web site is only available on port 66. This is way you have to enter port number in the web browser.
    Open IIS (internet information services), go to the website and locate your website. (It is possible to be the default one).
    Web Site Identification go to Advanced and edit the identity.
    Clear 66 from the port.
    You should have something like in the capture.

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