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OWA FrontEnd/BackEnd Single Sign-on

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  • OWA FrontEnd/BackEnd Single Sign-on

    I'm setting up a Exchange 2003 FrontEnd/BackEnd Solution for a customer that only wants OWA (no outlook). Both The backend and frontend is setup with integrated windows authentication and basic authentication. The frontend is configured as a front end.

    What happens now is that when i go to http:\\backend\exchange I get OWA without logon dialog, but when I go to http:\\frontend\exchange I get a logon box. I dont want this logon dialog box.

    Windows 2003 SP1 + Exchange 2003 SP 2 on both servers.

    Have you ever seen this before? can you help?

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    Re: OWA FrontEnd/BackEnd Single Sign-on

    are you using SSL in your setup?

    just disable authentication for the site... IIS>web sites> default web site> properties> directory security> auth access controls> edit

    you will have to authenticate at some point though... a password somewhere, even if its in a VPN client or something...
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