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Outlook web access problem

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  • Outlook web access problem

    Hi Guys

    I need a little help with viewing my emails via OWA. Iím currently running SBS 2003 (DNS, Exchange, WINS, DC, Fileserver) Iím connected to the Web via a Draytek vigor 2600 ADSL router/firewall.

    I'm new to the company and have no experience with the current network and finding my way around has been hard since there was no overlap from the last IT guy to me.

    Here is the problem:

    The staff here need to access their email VIA OWA externally. When they try via htpp:// the page times out.

    When this same link is used on one of the internal PC's it work perfectly and outlooks web access greets you with a Password/username prompt.

    Has anyone got any ideas

    I'm pretty sure its to do with the router but not 100%. They were working 2 weeks ago.

    Cheers in advance


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    Re: Outlook web access problem

    1. Make sure you are set up to use http:// and not https://. In other words make sure OWA wasn't changed to require ssl

    2. Make sure the appropriate ports (i.e. 443 for https:// and/or 80 for http://) are forwarded to the correct internal ip address of your server.

    3. Make sure the ip address on the WAN interface of your router hasn't changed. Do you have a static ip address or dynamic?

    If you can access it from the inside there is probably nothing wrong with OWA itself.


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      Re: Outlook web access problem

      Also, make sure the ip address referenced in the link you're accessing from the outside isn't in a private ip range.


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        Re: Outlook web access problem

        do you have an isa server

        Try this 1st http://ip address of exchange server/exchange
        or https://ip address of exchange server/exchange

        www.xxxxx won't work unless u've added the alias record in dns and shouldn't be www. , its normally webmail. or mail. as so on
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