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Delegating / Sharing mailboxes

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  • Delegating / Sharing mailboxes

    Hi, I'd like some advice on allowing my users to access each others' mailboxes if they are away on holiday.

    For example if someone is away one or two other people could do with being able to read that person's email and reply to new messages.

    What's the quickest and simplest way of doing this? (Oh yeah, without getting them to share their passwords!)

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    Re: Delegating / Sharing mailboxes

    You can instruct the user to use the delegating options within outlook so they can set who and what folders they can access, depending on how IT literate they are it might get messy. What i tend to do is set the permissions on the users mailbox within active directory and configure an additional mailbox in their outlook profile this keeps it simple. Go to the advanced tab on the users exchange settings and add an additional mailbox. This will give the user access to the mailbox and I find is easier to switch between mailboxes in their own outlook profile, may mean a little administration on your part but at least you know it will be done right.