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Problem between two Exchange Servers.

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  • Problem between two Exchange Servers.

    Pls Help.
    I have two Exchange Servers 2003 SP2.
    There is One Domain on two sites.
    From yesterday i cant send email beetwen servers, after 12 hours i get this error:
    "A configuration error in the e-mail system caused the message to bounce between two servers or to be forwarded between two recipients. Contact your administrator"
    I have cheked connectivity - no problem (IPVPN 512kb/s)
    I have cheked SMTP connectors - there is no changes.
    Routing Group Connectors - there is no changes.

    One of servers is a new one.
    A month ago i replaced old exchange server with new one, i moved mailboxes.And it worked good one month.
    What happened?
    Any Ideas?

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    Re: Problem between two Exchange Servers.

    We don't know what has happened, and we have too little information to work with.

    Are you using a Routing Group Connector, or SMTP Connector between these 2 routing groups?

    Are you by any chance using a Smart Host option on either the SMTP VS, or, if you have one, the SMTP Connector?

    Are you forwarding mail with unresolved recipients to a different server?

    Use Message Tracking on both servers to diagnose the mail flow.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Problem between two Exchange Servers.

      I'm using a Routing Group Connector.
      I don't use a Smart Host options. Just cheked it, there is clear.
      No one from local users can not send email between servers.

      Message Tracking Center said - the messege delivered to local recipient
      [email protected]l
      i'm checking mailbox - there is empty.


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        Re: Problem between two Exchange Servers.

        I have a couple of questions:
        1. Are users able to send / receive external emails?
        2. Does email flow to and from recipients of the same exchange server has any issue?
        3. Did you notice any exchange related error message in the Application logs?
        The store driver is a component that plays an important role in message delivery. It is the interface between SMTP service and Information store.
        Look for any event that is regarding to this.

        Csaba Papp
        MCSA+messaging, MCSE, CCNA
        Remember to give credit where credit is due and leave reputation points where appropriate


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          Re: Problem between two Exchange Servers.

          Thanks to everyone.
          The problem was resolved by:
          1. In the properties of routing connecctors i selected option "Any local server can send email over this connector"
          2. In the properties of SMTP VS i changed from "All Unassigned" to current IP adress.
          For now it is working properly.

          Best Regards