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    I am creating custom address lists using the advanced search criteria. My Condition list is very simple. All of my active directory users have the Department feild populated. In Exchange systme manager I have one entry for each department Address list. It specifies Department Start with and the first 6 or 7 letters of the department name. When I click OK to add the entry and click the Find now radio button it searchs and finds all users in that specific department. It appears to work fine at this point and I click OK and Apply the search. When I go back to the properties of the Address list and click the preview button some member do not appear in the preview. I have check the AD user properties of the names which are missing from the search and they are correct. To correct this i have been deleteing the users in question and recreating them and that has worked but due to permission, membership and other reasons i can not delete and re create the the other. Has anyone ever experienced this? Is there a remedy.