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SMTP relay security related flaw, Plz help me

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  • SMTP relay security related flaw, Plz help me

    Hii,, Dear Mates/Friends

    Please help me to get rid of the problem am experiencing,

    Here is the scenario.............

    Have 2 servers installed with windows 2003 with sp1 + exchange 2003 sp2, and made one as back end and another as front end server.

    Configured my front end server as OWA server and SMTP server for internet mail sending and receiving.

    According to the experts guidance configured SMTP and POP3 protocols and also enabled one mailbox store, installed SSL certificate for both the protocols, and configured the authentication methods accordingly.
    And all my internal and external users are able to access OWA and Microsoft outlook by configuring the SMTP and POP3 addresses accordingly.

    And 4 me here arises the problem

    If I configure my YAHOO mail id in Microsoft outlook sitting some where in a browsing center, by enabling the SMTP and POP3 address of my own domainís, its getting enabled to send mail to any of the mailbox or mail enabled user ID in my domain.

    Am really annoyed by experiencing this by my own.

    Please show me a solution to get rid of this flaw without using any third party software or tool.

    If its required I can give any relevant required information about the way I configured my servers .

    Thanking all of you downfrom my heart in advance

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    Re: SMTP relay security related flaw, Plz help me

    Did you review:


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

    LinkedIn:, Blog:


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      Re: SMTP relay security related flaw, Plz help me

      Yup, Thankx a lot for you help, have gone through the link addressed by u n followed the steps n configured as suggested, but its a new error now i am experiencing,

      After attempting various configurations, I just can't get a POP client to su
      ccessfully authenticate with an Exchange 2000 SMTP virtual server. POP auth
      entication works fine. Sending out generates the error. If I allow anonymo
      us smtp connections, it wor
      ks fine but when set to basic authentication, it fails. I have eliminated r
      outer, firewalls, etc. from the picture. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank

      My objective was to get basic authentication to work first, then introduce S
      SL. In the end I just want a secure connection to the mail server


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        Re: SMTP relay security related flaw, Plz help me

        Hi alllll,,,,,

        Still awaiting for a valuble and favourable solution?????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????