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  • Recipient Policies Query

    I am running Exchange 2003 SP1 and have ~ 250 users. I would like to automatically delete Email items older than 60 days from each users deleted items folders and have tested using the System Manager Recipient Policies.

    All seemed to work very well when I was testing with a few user accounts but when I try the policy on more that ~150 accounts something very strange happens;

    The System Attendant send me an email it has processed 219 mail boxes and that 66368 messages would be deleted (or moved) but the size of these messages is less (84.94 MB) than when I run the policy against 110 mail boxes (figs 35949 messages deleted and size 1986.19 MB).

    Has anyone got any ideas what is going on, or suggestions on how this can be made to work?

    Many thanks