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ActiveSync Viscous Circle

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  • ActiveSync Viscous Circle

    I’m caught in a viscous circle with ActiveSync on my Exchange 2003 server.

    Here’s the scenario:

    I have two users who went out and bought brand new treo700 smart phones without talking to me first, dropped them in my lap and said “Can you set these up to retrieve our email?” When I replied that I would need to do some additional configuration on the Exchange server, their reply was “But, the phone salesman said it would be easy. We need this working today”. Eager to please, I enabled mobile access on their AD accounts and pointed ActiveSync on their phones to our Exchanges server. BTW I’m using ssl and forms based authentication on my Exchange server and I’ve followed all the posted articles regarding ActiveSysc, SSL and Forms based authentication. Additionally, I’m a certificate from our internal certificate server. At any rate, here’s my viscious circle:

    1. When I connect via http:// I get “waiting for network” on the phone and it never syncs. I suspect this is due to FBA
    2. When I connect via ssl I get “This certificate is not from a trusted authority” and it won’t sync.
    3. I’ve tried installing the certificate on the phone to no avail. I follow all the instructions on the MCSE world article regarding installing certificates on smart phones but I keep getting a message saying no certificates were found. I don’t know if Verizon blocks the ability to install certificates manually on their phones or not!

    So, I can’t connect via http://, or https://. I can probably disable FBA and connect via http:// but that isn’t an option. It would totally change the way the OWA users are used to authenticating and that would never fly. Plus, I really want this to be as secure as OWA is now.

    I’ve considered purchasing a Thawte or Verisign certificate. However, without knowing if this will solve the problem, I don’t want to risk spending the money.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: ActiveSync Viscous Circle

    your problem sounds familiar,
    i solved it by buying a certificate here (click ssl certificates) it is only $17,95 a year and you have no error message anymore about trusted certificates.
    further i dont know how it is with a palm but we use here HP pocket pc`s and we had to first import the certificate on the HP to get it working, maybe it is the same on the Palm or at least you have to tell the Palm to use a certificate.
    did you visit this page , you will find some info about active sync issues and a user guide as well
    hope this brings you a little bit closer to the solution
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