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Error: while Certificate Request for OWA

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  • Error: while Certificate Request for OWA

    I have setuped a LAN with
    1 Windows 2000 Server as DC, DNS.
    1 Windows 2003 Server with Exchange 2003 & IIS.
    1 Windows 2000 server with 2 NIC (one Public & one Private)
    several win 2000 clients.

    I have installed Certificate Services from windows components in my Windows 2003 server where Exchange 2003 is installed.

    I requested the Certificate for the default site from IIS which has saved in C: as certreq.txt. Then..
    From Windows 2003 server typed
    http://win 2003 server/certsrv
    --> clicked "Request Certficate"
    --> clicked "User Certificate"
    --> clicked "Submit a certificate request by using a base-64-encoded CMC or PKCS #10 file, or submit a renewal request by using a base-64-encoded PKCS #7 file"
    then when i click on "Browse for the file to insert" it prompts error message saying that site is not trusted, i cliked add site to be trusted, again its giving same error. I restarted the server and did same thing but getting same error. I pasted the contents certreq.txt in the text box, i cannot get the SUBMIT button.

    I followed this site:

    I want to use this certificate for the Exchange Serv i.e. SSL. Is there any alternative to have SSL for Exchange Serv.
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    Re: Error: while Certificate Request for OWA

    If you are looking for an alternative this is what i did.

    I requested the certificate from the default website, option prepare now but send lator.
    When you fill in the common name field think!! what you fill in here. let me give you an example. i filled in :

    fil in the rest and save in the default location. Go to the website:

    click ssl certificates and order a certificate (take a Turbo ssl) it is cheap and you wil not have any error messages concerning that the certificate could not be trusted.

    my users now have to log in at H ttps://
    so now you see why the common name is so important...

    further if you can try to get your hands on the trainingcourse cd from trainsignal Here

    It is Course 18

    Good Luck
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      Re: Error: while Certificate Request for OWA


      At, do a search call SelfSSL.

      It's a tool from IIS6 resource kit.

      It does SSL for you..