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smtp help :-)

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  • smtp help :-)

    am new to here
    i would like to ask - let say i want to add a non domain email for the user
    [email protected] -> domain exchange mail
    [email protected] -> smtp mail account
    were do i put the e.g -> and the
    all so were do i put the user name and password the i get form the isp
    guy's i spent all night reading but no luck
    help me...

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    Re: smtp help

    Are you wanting to configure Exchange Server to retrieve email from an ISP hosted email account? If this is correct, then you will either need to be using SBS Server (as it has a Connector) or you will need to purchase a 3rd party email Connector. Click HERE and HERE for more information.
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      Re: smtp help

      hi -
      first thank u
      i am using sbs2003 - funny that win2k server doest have it built in...
      say in the client side if i go to outlook users and account would not i be able to add a smtp "isp" account if i am using 2k server ???

      and if i am using sbs2003 were can config it !! i sew in one of the user that it were config on his outlook - but if i config it on the client side does it copy the config to the server ??

      this is so wired ??!!! ofcourse users have more then one mail how come microsoft didnt tohght of that ???


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        Re: smtp help


        If you simply want to check your emails from your home ISP account, then go to Tools->Email Accounts->Add a new email account. I am using SBS 2003 with Outlook 2003 and this is how I set it up. Of course it also depends on whether the ISA has been setup to block/allow the traffic through.

        There is an option to check web mails, ie Hotmail. Hotmail no longer supports this, due to some spam issues I believe. So don't bother with that. You can either link a folder to the web site, or use some third party software to achieve this.