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    this is stupid, but now im in it. i have this network consultant at my job. he has been making changes to the infrastructure here at my work... it sucks.
    yesterday, he asked my to change the drive letters of my t-logs and mailstores... this was a hassle, but being there was no data it was no big deal to recreate the drives...

    well, after thoses shananigins he comes and tells me that my computer name is not netBIOS complient (i suppose it isnt, its clerkexchange1, but i didnt name it) so he wants me to change the name. i proceeded to explain to him that you dont change the name of an exchange server... he says uninstall it and start over. he tried to advise how to do this...

    he made me uncheck the RPC/HTTP button, set my front end as a master and then uninstall the backend with the hope that i could reinstall after renaming and just make it the master...

    at that point, the top dog calls and says that its not important enough to waste a week and dont worry about the name.. just get the email external.

    so reset the back-end as master, reclicked the RPC button, and restarted... in the process i had to move the folders to the front and now i cant move them...

    i get an error that says: "Your profile is not configured. An unexpected, unknown error has occured. microsoft exchange information store. 8004011c-0521-0000000. ID number c1050000. exchange system manager.

    any clues? im sorry for sounding so lame sometimes... they never tought us how to deal with cowboy contractors in M$ skool.
    its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
    Give karma where karma is due...

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    Re: Public Folders/Front End

    1. I'm thinking that you have problem with the IT consultant .

    2. The server name is fine if you use Windows 2000 or newer clients.

    3. As I understand, you reinstall the back server with a new name.

    Questions: a. How you removed the old server?
    b. How you install the new server? & restore the data? (I'm thinking
    that you restored the EDB/STM files on the "new" server, but
    due name changes of the server this wouldnt work.
    c. Do the back & the front use the same service pack/hotfix level?
    d. Is the root CA is trusted by the front & back servers?
    e. Did you enable RPC over http on the front and server
    the back server as back for RPC over HTTP and then you
    you got the error?
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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