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RPC over HTTP fails outside domain

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  • RPC over HTTP fails outside domain

    If this subject has alrady been addressed fully, please forgive me. I've searched a few forums and spent considerable time searching the web and Google groups.

    We have a single Exchage 2003 server in a native Windows 2003 AD environment. the Microsoft CA is installed on the Exchange 2003 Server.

    Outlook RPC over HTTP works fine as long as a computer is a member of the domain - this includes outside the company. Meaning, if I setup a laptop with everything configured for RPC over HTTP, and the laptop is a member of domain xyz, Outlook access via RPC over HTTP works fine inside the domain and it also works fine from home over DSL. However, if I remove that computer from domain XYZ or make it a member of another domain, Outlook via RPC over HTTP fails.

    I've checked in the certificate store on the computer. Under the Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab there is one certificate that is issued both to and by the Exchange 2003 server ( Would someone politley point me to what I am missing or what i need to do? Much thanks, in advance!!!!